Despite there being more information on how to succeed as an agent, than ever before, the failure rate is at an all-time high. Why?

Because, the world has made you soft. We live in a world of participation trophies. A world where people who complain about how hard their life is, gets more attention than the winners.

Enter The Real Estate Agoge!


  • Your Full-Proof Path to a 6-Figure Real Estate Business
  • Learn to Move from Information to Execution
  • Cut Through the Noise Of What’s Actually Required To Succeed As An Agent
  • Join a Group of Agents That Will Not Be Stopped, No Matter The Market Conditions 
distinguished agent

– Every week I will do a private LIVE training for members and answer all your questions. 

– Interact with other members of the group and get your questions answered between trainings.

– Get access to my Winner’s Circle, where every week I do 2-3 short videos on Motivation, Sales, Entreprenership and more…

How to Break The Multiple-6-Figure Ceiling, Build an Unstoppable Agent Team, & Create a Truly LIMITLESS Real Estate Business

Ready to Catapult Your Business Forward & Create a Multi-Six or Seven-Figure Real Estate Business That Provides Ultimate Time Freedom, Financial Abundance, & Limitless Growth Potential?

Watch This Free Training to Learn How I Turned My Successful Real Estate Business Into a Multi-Seven-Figure Nationwide Real Estate Company.

Inside, you’ll learn…


  • What separates 6-figure agents from 7-figure (or beyond) real estate business owners—and how you can start creating more revenue & freedom in your business
  • Why most real estate agents won’t take their business to the next level (and how to know whether you’ve got what it takes to become a successful real estate CEO)
  • Steps you can take to transform your business & start realizing your long-term vision over the next 12-24 months


Are you looking for some direction or help in a one-on-one format?

Then a consultation may be for you, because we can jump on a Zoom together and discuss specifically what you need for an hour.